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Tag manager

Google Tag Manager setup

**This is why the Google Tag Manager should be set up in 5 Anchor Connect.

In order to measure the success of your promotional campaigns (conversion rate) when using our White Label Solution (WLS), you need to include your GTM in our Planbar24.
Please set up the Tag Manager in your Team Settings. Please enter your GTM number and, if not already done, place the Tag Manager on your website.

If you don't have an expert for this task, we can do it for you. Our service includes the configuration of the Google Tag Manager, integration of Google Analytics (UA and/or GA4), setup of the conversions and forwarding of the events to Google Ads as well as Google Analytics for display in the e-commerce data. Feel free to contact us for this.

WLS Events

event category action label value
wls.form.search.form wls.form submit search.form JSON
wls.form.search.availabilities wls.form submit search.availabilities JSON
wls.form.search.boats wls.form submit search.boats JSON
wls.form.contact wls.form submit contact
wls.form.newsletter wls.form submit newsletter
wls.form.interest wls.form submit interest BOAT_ID
wls.form.question wls.form submit question BOAT_ID
wls.form.inquiry wls.form submit inquiry BOAT_ID
wls.action.save.boat wls.action save boat BOAT_ID
wls.action.save.offer wls.action save offer BOOKING_QUERY
wls.popup.booking wls.popup open booking BOAT_ID
wls.popup.boat wls.popup open boat BOAT_ID
wls.popup.marina wls.popup open marina MARINA_ID
wls.popup.question wls.popup open question BOAT_ID
wls.popup.interest wls.popup open interest BOAT_ID
wls.popup.share wls.popup open share
wls.popup.inquiry wls.popup open inquiry

Planbar24 Events (Conversions)

event category action value label
connect.checkout.booking checkout booking TOTAL CAMPAIGN_ID (GOOGLE)
connect.checkout.reservation checkout reservation TOTAL CAMPAIGN_ID (GOOGLE)

The "full" event that is triggered on a conversion looks like this:

    "event": "connect.checkout.booking",
    "category": "checkout",
    "action": "booking",
    "value": 2000,
    "details": {
        "id": 1234,
        "via_partner": false,
        "request": false,
        "mode": "online",
        "referrer": "https://wasdasd.de",
        "commission": 14.45,
        "provision": 12,
        "totals": {
            "total": 2000,
            "discount": 200,
            "extras_price": 200
    "conversionId": 1234,
    "conversionValue": 2000,
    "transactionId": 1234,
    "transactionAffiliation": "BEST Bootsurlaub",
    "transactionTotal": 2000,
    "transactionProducts": [
            "sku": 55457,
            "name": "Pedro Skiron Typ 2",
            "price": 2000,
            "quantity": 1

Crossdomain Tracking

In order for the same user to be recognized when redirected to Planbar24 (booking process), it is necessary to enable cross-domain tracking. Two configurations are shown below (Universal Analytics & GA4):

Letztes Update: April 4, 2023
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