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Wordpress Plugin

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Wordpress counts as the most widespread CMS with a market share of over 60%. For this reason, we have developed a wordpress plugin for our partners, which allows the automatic integration of our scripts and modules into your website.


  • Embedding of the scripts and automatic configuration
  • Provision of the widgets for the following editors:
    • Elementor
    • SiteOrigin
    • Gutenberg
  • Import of boats & bases (optional)
  • Activation of the watchlist (optional)

Go To Wordpress Plugin

Create access code

In order to work with our white label solution (WLL), provided via the Wordpress plugin, you first need an access code. This token ("Public Token") consists of a 32 digit number and number sequence, which you can create for your company via Your Profile.

Create access code

Store access code

Add the public and private token in the settings at wordpress:


Now you can add the different widgets to your website via your website builder.

Video Tutorial

Last update: February 3, 2022