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Are cookies used and how do they need to be reported?

The white label solution uses cookies to store search parameters, bookmarked boats & offers, affiliate redirection as well as entering an ADAC Nummber (only relevant for Bootsreisen24 widgets).

The cookies used are listed below. You can use these for the descriptions in your cookie-consent windows.

Please note: without these cookies the widgets will not work completely.

Cookies used

Name Description Expiration
wls_offers Used to save "watched" offers (notepad/watchlist) 30 days
wls_boats Used to save "watched" boats (notepad/watchlist) 30 days
wls_adac_no Used to save ADAC Number (only ADAC Form Widget) 30 days
wls_ref Used to save referer (Bootsreisen24 Partner / Affiliate). Only necessary for Bootsreisen24. 30 days

Letztes Update: March 19, 2024
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