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Catalog management

5 Anker Connect distinguishes between the "mass manipulation of appointments" via catalogs and the "individual editing of appointments" in the appointment calendar. If the Appointment Calendar is more for fine-tuning, you can duplicate, change or delete entire vehicle groups, destinations or fiscal years via created Catalogs.

The catalog is the central tool for managing all appointments. Creating and managing appointments and booking periods. Creation of levels for editing groups of vehicles & boats.

In the catalog you create individual boats or boat groups. The catalog is hierarchical and should start, for example, with the catalog title "Year" (e.g. 2019). To make the task easier, we have also separated this area between sport boats (day charters) and houseboats (week charters).

The creation of a catalog entry is done in several stages, on different levels. Thus, levels can be added, copied or, if necessary, deleted without having to discard the entire catalog.

Dates are created, changed or deleted from the catalog, as long as they have not been set as fixed in the calendar. Entries for subsequent years are created without taking into account one-time calendar changes, even if they were fixed.

Letztes Update: February 14, 2022
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